Mixergy have redesigned the hot water tank and it’s really clever! They are market leaders in smart and connected hot water tank innovation. Mixergy tanks enable households and businesses to live better, save money, and reduce their impact on the environment. They offer an intelligent way to heat your hot water and tanks can be smaller than conventional cylinders due to their efficiency.

Mixergy tanks adapt to different power sources

The award winning tank gives you all the hot water you need, when you need it, working more efficiently than conventional tanks to reduce your energy consumption and save you money on your bills.

Whereas a conventional hot water cylinder heats 100% of the water, a Mixergy tank, due to its clever design, can heat only what you need – for example making 20 or 30% of the volume available as hot water when there are two of you at home and increasing when you have guests. It is the most adaptable and efficient water heating cylinder on the market. What’s more, the Mixergy tank delivers hot water up to 5 x faster than a conventional tank.

Hot water is available on demand through the schedule in the app and the system will also learn your habits and adapt to you. So if you boost the tank every Tuesday when you come back from a run then the system will quickly learn this routine. Similarly with the app if you have forgotten to change the schedule when you are away from the property you can do this remotely, putting the tank into holiday mode until you return. The Mixergy system with also run a cleanse and frost free function automatically.

Mixergy isn’t fussy where the power comes form either: gas boiler, electricity, solar PV, solar thermal or a heat pump – anything goes as the Mixergy cylinder is totally adaptable. And if you change your heat source in the future, adding solar PV or installing a heat pump for example, your Mixergy tank is ready to roll!

Heat what you need and save energy, lower carbon and save money!

Mixergy are growing a network of installer partners who share their passion for offering customers the best products and highest levels of service, providing customers with a clear path to transition to low and zero-carbon heating. Leaping Hare Electrical & Renewables are proud to be part of the Mixergy Approved Installer network.