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Electric heating solutions

Leaping Hare Electrical offers energy efficient electric heating solutions. With years of experience in the international energy sector, a physics background and a constant eye on the latest technologies we are uniquely positioned to offer customers, simple measures that can reduce their energy consumption and advice on energy efficient electric heating solutions.

Ducasa DGi+ Smart Electric Heating

Electric heating solutions for homes and businesses

We work with residential and commercial customers and can find the best solution for any application. We are proud to support our customer in moving away from reliance on gas and oil towards a more sustainable future.


We are so impressed with Herschel-infrared heating that we use it in our own premises. Infrared technology heats the mass of the room and people directly, like the sun’s energy. It runs at a lower wattage and a lower temperature and is therefore significantly more efficient than equivalent wet systems and even heat pumps.

There are some really clever application for the panels themselves, as mirrors and art work, but they work particularly well when ceiling mounted, with the flat white panels disappearing into the ceiling allowing them to emit freely and reach the maximum mass of the room.

Ducasa electric radiators

These stylish radiators are really clever. With the Smart Command app you can control every room.

Ducasa Radiators

Ducasa’s high quality cast aluminium radiators combine good looks with top performance. Ideal for situations where different environments are required at different times, making them suitable not just to everyday modern living but also to rooms with little daytime use, second homes, rental properties or individual offices.

You can achieve a high degree of control as an integral part of your heating system. The Ducasa range can be installed as an electric central heating system to provide you with the widest choice of energy-efficient solutions for comfort in your own home.

Select the exact temperature and operating times for each separate unit. By linking up units via a programmer, you can obtain a higher degree of comfort, control, power and economic savings. They offer a wide range of systems which include powder coated aluminium radiators with heat transfer fluid, eco-start self-learning radiators, open window detector, choice of digital controls, accurate PID thermostat, long range radio technology and a unique quick fit wall fixing bracket.

Electric heating solutions costs less to install

One of the benefits of an electric heating system is the clean and tidy installation: no boiler, no pipes, no water! And an electric system can be made up of a combination of radiators and infrared heaters, depending on the requirements of the space. There is still the consideration of water heating for baths and showers but we have some great solutions here too.

Hot water on tap

Rethinking the way we heat our homes also requires some consideration of the way we provide hot water to kitchens and bathrooms and we have given this lots of thought too!

Rethinking hot water supply

Heat batteries

This is a relatively new technology for home heat storage. They can be used to store heat from a range of different sources to supply hot water and space heating. Heat batteries take up less space than a hot water tank and can store heat for longer. They are based on latent heat storage; heat or electrical energy is used to change a phase change material (PCM) from one phase to the other (in other words solid to liquid) and this captures the energy. When you need to extract the heat it does this by doing the reverse process (in other words liquid to solid) with a release of heat which can then be used to heat water for you to use in the home.

Sunamp heat batteries

There are several benefits of using a heat battery. It:
– helps to make best use of electricity and heat from renewable systems;
– reduces CO2 emissions from the home;
– reduces fuel bills;
– can be lighter and smaller than thermal stores; and
– is claimed not to lose performance over time compared with an electrical battery.

Under counter heaters

Rather than piping hot water around the building and heating large quantities of water that are not , undercounter heaters can be an effective solution. They are compact, affordable and quick and easy to install.

Traditional immersions powered by solar

Thinking of your immersion tank as a thermal store for the energy that you produce from a solar array is an effective water heating solution. This heat energy will stay in the thermal store for many hours due to the highly insulated sides of the unit. Thermal stores can have a single heating input, just like a standard hot-water cylinder. Or, they can have multiple heat inputs, for example you could connect several types of renewables system and a conventional boiler to your thermal store. You can then control these systems to make sure you always have heat when you need it by using the most appropriate heating sources.

The electric heating solution that’s right for you

Whatever the project we will survey and advise to up with the best electric heating solution for you. We ask the questions and come up with the solutions for a sustainable and secure energy future.