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Solar panel battery storage

Solar panel battery storage – what’s changed?

Things have changed in recent years: electric vehicles are becoming common place, many more of us now work from home, the recent energy crisis has seen prices rise steeply and the ‘Feed in Tariffs’ of the past no longer exist. All of these factors have had a direct impact on the way we view energy consumption in homes and businesses. Solar is an essential step in improving our energy security and adding solar battery storage now just makes sense. So, let’s talk about solar panel battery storage and if it’s right for your home or business.

Battery storage – maximise green energy use

Whether you have solar PV panels, or are planning to install them, then using home batteries to store electricity you’ve generated will help you to maximise the amount of renewable energy you use. Home-energy storage will also reduce the electricity you use from the grid, and cut your bill. If your home is off-grid, it can help to reduce your use of fossil fuel back-up generators. In the near future, time-of-use tariffs will let you store up electricity while it’s cheap (overnight, for example) so you can use it during peak times. A few energy companies have launched these already.

Battery storage – factor in replacement costs

Most batteries come with a 10-year warranty. They require little maintenance, so the main cost is the initial installation. If you install it with solar PV, which can last 25 years or more, you should factor in the cost of replacing the battery. If you have an electric vehicle, being able to store cheap electricity to charge it could help to cut your costs.

Hybrid Solar System (American)

We know that our customers want to save money, reduce their carbon footprint and have greater control of their power use. With energy prices expected to continue rising, and selling power back to the grid no longer being of great benefit, it makes sense that families & businesses are increasingly looking to generate and store their own green energy through solar PV, battery storage and EV charging points for electric vehicles.

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