Heat batteries rock!

One of the key challenges that the transition to low carbon heat poses is how we store heat. We will have more electricity available at times of high renewable generation and less on a calm, cloudy day for example. Smoothing out these peaks and troughs in supply and demand is important – reducing the need for more power stations and infrastructure – and making sure we have heat when we need it. And that’s where heat batteries rock!

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Hot water that doesn’t cost the earth

Thermal batteries store heat for hot water

Thermal batteries can help store heat for hot water or heating systems much more efficiently and using renewable sources. Scottish company Sunamp has developed a compact thermal battery, which is smaller than a hot water tank. Sunamp’s compact thermal stores are designed to have a lifespan of up to 50 years. The product range includes the world’s most compact and most energy efficient alternative to hot water cylinders and storage water heaters.

Connected to renewable energy sources such as solar, wind turbines or heat pumps, Sunamp heat batteries support net zero heating and hot water, using less energy than other forms of thermal storage, and taking up a fraction of the space.

The space saving benefits make the heat battery a welcome addition to a low carbon plan. They are just one of the technologies that we install for our customers as part of a holistic approach to energy use in homes and businesses.

Benefits of Sunamp’s heat battery

  • Space-saving: up to 4 times smaller than hot water cylinder it replaces
  • Enables heat pump systems to be installed where otherwise they wouldn’t fit
  • Lower heat losses: up to 4 times higher energy efficiency
  • High flow rate hot water
  • Instantaneously heated for hygiene and freshness
  • Fast and easy to install: no tundish, no discharge pipework, no T&P safety valve to maintain
  • No mandatory annual maintenance
  • Market-leading 10-year warranty on the heating element

And that’s why heat batteries rock!

Home Owners – Whether you’re planning to improve your existing property or embarking on a new self-build home project, Sunamp’s eco-friendly, safe, efficient and compact heat batteries will integrate perfectly with your preferred heating controls to deliver cascades of hot water to your dream home.

Developers – Incorporate a renewable energy system into your housing projects with Sunamp heat batteries, to deliver environmental benefits, save space and improve cost efficiencies. Sunamp’s bespoke design can be tailored to meet your exact size requirements, and additional storage can easily be added further down the line.

Social Housing Projects Replace gas boilers and hot water cylinders, cut carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty by introducing Sunamp thermal batteries into new and existing housing stock. Tried and tested, and already providing hot water in thousands of homes around the UK, Sunamp heat batteries require little or no maintenance, are easy to install, carry no risk of legionella and work with a wide choice of energy sources.

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New build developments can benefit from heat battery technologies

We know that our customers want to save money, reduce their carbon footprint and have greater control of their power use. With energy prices expected to continue rising, and selling power back to the grid no longer being of great benefit, it makes sense that families & businesses are increasingly looking to generate and store their own green energy through solar PV, storage and EV charging points.

We provide every element of the service from advice, quotations, ordering and installation – offering a complete and local service to our customers.